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Future of Cities in Turkey „Türkischer Städtetag“

Interview with Recep Sahin, General Secretary of the Union of Turkish Municipalities     Future Lab: What are the main goals of the Union of Turkish Municipalities at the moment? Recep Sahin: Our main goals is to support municipalities. Especially three domains are important: First: Capacity strengthening by trainings, participation to fairs, congresses etc. We work with mayors, council members and all municipal officials. Second: Defining the problematic areas of municipalities and political lobbying to solve these problems. We have to increase the revenues and boost the financial development of the municipalities. The main preoccupations are urban transformation, public transportation, waste management, water and wastewater issues, i.e; leakages in drinking water network, difficulties in expropriation activities and so on. Third: Take part in the legislation processes concerning municipalities. Future Lab: What are the most dynamic cities in Turkey at the moment, and what are the challenges there? Recep Sahin: In 2014, a law has enlarged the responsibilities of bigger municipalities (in 30 out of 81 provinces). They are now also in charge of many domains, …

Soziale Zentren durch Renovierung schaffen

Renovations can also create energy efficient buildings – often cheaper than building new. And it respects ancient and traditional structures. This is the philosophy of the company specialized in renovations of historical buildings, Sutter3kg. The company often works with the cooperative „Bogenständig“, which provides low-cost housing for people are not competitive on the free rent market (disabled or old people, or people with social or psychological problems). For one of its projects, Sutter3Kg has now received a price from the regional architect’s organization. The price has been awarded because of the quality of the renovation, but also because the 250 year old building has an important social function in the village situated 20 km east of Freiburg. Creating meeting points in rural areas, that are often threatened by depopulation, is one more goal of Willi Sutter, the company leader. Renovieren statt Abreissen, und dennoch hoch energie-effiziente Gebäude schaffen: Das ist das Ziel der Sutter3Kg. Eines der vom Unternehmen renovierten Gebäude, die Klosterscheune in Oberried, hat nun einen Preis von der südbadischen Architektur-Kammer bekommen. Das Unternehmen ist …

Markus Bohnert: Energiewende lokal

Energiewende lokal: Markus Bohnert, Vorstand der Kooperative Bürgerenergie St. Peter, hat den Klaus-Binder-Zukunftspreis bekommen. Locally autonomous communities will be important for energy change, and the project of St. Peter not only focusses on renewable electricity production, but also on a heat grid working with biomass. Das Besondere am Projekt, das Markus Bohnert mit initiiert hat: Nicht nur Strom aus Sonne und Wind werden in St. Peter in dem Maße produziert, dass der Ort ein Mehrfaches des Eigenbedarfs produziert. Auch Wärme wird nachhaltig und aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen erzeugt. Kernstück der Versorgung ist ein technisch innovatives Blockheizkraftwerk, das mit Holzvergasung arbeitet. Es liefert Wärme an 220 Gebäude; das Wärmenetz ist ausbaufähig. The St. Peter heat-grid works with an innovative wooden gazeification technology. Mr. Bohnert is in the board of the cooperative running the grid. Owners of the grid are the consumers. Bürgerenergie St. Peter Bioenergie-Dorf St. Peter